Madison County Democratic Women (MCDW) has a rich and varied history in Madison County political life. Formed in 1961 as the first political club for women in the State of Alabama, MCDW has played a pivotal role in Democratic politics for decades. Now we are experiencing rejuvenation and regrowth, and moving forward into the 21st century.

American women comprise just over 50% of the voting base, yet are vastly under-represented in the political process. Nationally, just under 20% of the US Congress is female, and only 25% of statewide officeholders are female. In Alabama, only 14% of the state legislature is female. In Madison County, there are a few women officeholders, but not nearly enough.

Our purpose is to support the principles of the Democratic Party, to elect Democrats to public offices on a local, state and national levels, and to initiate and carry out programs and projects on behalf of the Party.  To that end, we host monthly luncheon based on current topics; we provide a forum for candidates to get their message out; we sponsor and support a scholarship for a college-bound student, and we have a robust agenda of growth and activity. Come join the life of the party!

Madison County (Alabama) Democratic Women Bylaws