Commissioner Bob Harrison 1943-2017

By Sam Mitchell


This morning brought the sad news of the passing of Commissioner Bob Harrison. Bob was a strong supporter of Madison County Democratic Women and a friend who took the time to teach.


I remember meeting Bob for coffee shortly after I took office. He schooled me quickly about civil rights, religion, and politics. After that, he worked with me on municipal elections and the general election, and gave me a bird’s-eye view of how positive change can happen.


Bob was a luncheon speaker twice in the past two years, once as a candidate and the second time as a Commissioner. County commissioners play a much larger role in our daily and political lives than we realize, but Bob was a strong and visible leader and advocate for not just his district but for all of Madison County.


I know that Bob’s legacy is a strong one and that his community is better for it. He knew when to fight with force and noise and when to do battle quietly with strength.


We all suffer a loss today.