Get Out the Vote 2016

By Sam Mitchell

This presidential election is unprecedented. Democrats have made history by nominating a female candidate for the first time in American history. Republicans have made history by nominating a man who represents the worst America has to offer- and one who casually and flippantly insults women, minorities, immigrants, veterans, gold star families…well, he insults everyone.

This is not an election about the lesser of two evils, or about traditional Republican versus Democratic philosophy. This is not an election about trickle-down economics, social safety nets, education, or family leave policies. It is not an election about jobs, employment, or foreign relations.

It is a referendum on America. No one has made that more clear than Donald Trump. He is waging a campaign about building walls and dropping nukes. He is waging a campaign where it is perfectly fine to speak of – and to- women in the coarsest of tones. He is running on hatred and fomenting anger. He questions the most fundamental right and privilege that we have- voting, and equivocates about whether he will even accept our election process. He promises to wave a magic wand and erase that which he, and he alone, considers “unconstitutional”. How can you be more unconstitutional than that?

Ninety-six years ago the 19th Amendment to the US Constitution was ratified after decades of fighting for its passage. This year, news of efforts to repeal that amendment is in the mainstream media. Now more than ever, women must vote. That is not a battle we need fight again.

As Democrats, and as women, we must take a stand. We must not only vote on November 8, but we must actively encourage our friends, our family, our acquaintances and the lady in the parking lot with a peace bumper sticker to vote. There is nothing more important to do on November 8. There is nothing more important to work towards between now and then.

Madison County Democratic Women will be posting videos, memes, “fun facts” and information over the next several days to help you help get the vote out. Our November luncheon speakers will be Scott and Christina Seeley, who will talk to us about using social media to help get out the vote. Press that share button and help us make a difference- we will help you do that in an effective way.