MCDW Opposes Donald Trump’s Unconstitutional Muslim Ban

By Sam Mitchell


January 29, 2017

CONTACT: Susan Higgins

MADISON COUNTY DEMOCRATIC WOMEN OPPOSES DONALD TRUMP’S UNCONSTITUTIONAL MUSLIM BAN. The executive order that was signed on Friday, suspended refugee resettlement for 120 days, indefinitely suspended the resettlement of refugees from Syria, and banned the entry of nationals from 7 predominately Muslim countries for 90 days. Madison County Democratic Women agree with the ACLU that the motivation behind this order was discriminatory. It was stated that priority would be given to Christian refugees trying to enter the country, which is religious discrimination.

In response to people, holding Visas and Green Cards, that were immediately detained at airports on Saturday, Susan Higgins, Chair of Madison County Democratic Women, states, “these refugees have been vetted and already hold the requisite paperwork to be in our country. They have gone through an onerous process. They are women, children, mothers, fathers, scientists, teachers, and students. Many of them have served our country and were vital to military units working abroad.”

Ms. Higgins went on to say that, “America should be reaching out with open arms to provide safety and opportunity free from discrimination.” Madison County Democratic Women stands with the women, children and families that are seeking safety, asylum and opportunity.

Madison County Democratic Women stands with many organizations in stating that denying refugees safety in the United States is immoral and un-American, including the ACLU, the IRC, and CAIR. The Madison County Democratic Women “expect our elected officials to denounce this action and our government and social services programs in AL to welcome already vetted refugees with open arms.”

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