Special Senate Election Details

By Alanna Morrison

When Senator Sessions was confirmed as US Attorney General and the head of the US Department of Justice, his Senate seat became vacant. Governor Bentley appointed then Alabama Attorney General, Luther Strange. Governor Kay Ivey set the special election for 2017. Several Democratic and Republican candidates qualified with their parties in May. Right now, we are in the primary stage of the election- both parties are in the process of choosing who their candidate will be. That election- the primary- will be on Tuesday, August 15. If no candidate achieves 50% of the vote, there will be a run off election on Tuesday, September 26. The general election- when the Republican and the Democratic candidate face each other- will be on December 12, 2017. Those are three important dates for Democratic and like-minded voters.

There are eight candidates competing to be named the Democratic nominee. During the primary, it is MCDW’s role to provide you with information about each candidate, and with opportunities to meet and listen to each candidate. MCDW, and its officers, may not support any candidate and will remain neutral. After the primary, when we have a Democratic nominee, we will work hard to elect a Democrat to office.

In the meantime, please visit the candidate’s websites and other social media. We will work hard to keep this information as up to date as possible and to notify you of opportunities to meet candidates in person.

Dr. Will Boyd

Vann Caldwell

Jason Fisher

Michael Hansen

Doug Jones

Robert Kennedy, Jr.

Brian McGee

Charles Nana

This is an important election for Democrats not only in Alabama, but also across the country. One Senate seat will make a difference in the US Senate. The election of a Democrat will make a huge difference in Alabama.