Special Senate Race

By Alanna Morrison

It’s 2017 Primary Season

Today marked the end of the qualifying and filing period for candidates to run in the special election for the US Senate seat vacated by Jeff Sessions. As of tonight, there are eight candidates: Dr. Will Boyd, Jr. (Lauderdale County), Vann Caldwell (Talledega County), Jason Fisher (Baldwin County), Michael Hansen (Jefferson County), Doug Jones (Jefferson County), Robert Kennedy, Jr. (Mobile County), Brian McGee (Lee County) and Nana Tchienkou (Jefferson County). All have qualified with the Alabama Democratic Party. There are also several candidates running for the Republican nomination.

From now until August 15, these candidates will be running for the nomination of the Democratic Party. If a runoff is required, that will be held on September 26. The general election will be on December 12.

A primary is the opportunity for voters- and members of a party- to select the nominee that they think best represents the Democratic Party and that will best serve in the seat. It is an important opportunity for voters. Over the course of the next three months, you will have the opportunity to listen, to question, to debate and to vote.

It is critically important to vote in the primary and to elect the candidate that you best believe will serve the people of Alabama.

Madison County Democratic Women will be working hard with allied organizations to provide multiple forums and opportunities for voters to get to know these candidates and to make informed decisions. As an organization, and as individual board and steering committee members, we will remain neutral and will not support one candidate over another. This is in accordance with our bylaws. You, as individual members, are encouraged to look at all of the candidates, to volunteer for the ones you most support, and to provide financial support. As websites and social media links become available, we will post information about candidates and contact information for volunteer opportunities. Each of the candidates has made a thoughtful and considered decision to run, and each deserves the opportunity to be heard fairly and openly. They have a short period of time not only to win our vote, but also to win the majority of votes cast.

This election is critical to the resistance and to changing the direction of the tsunami that the Republican Party has unleashed. The Republicans hold a two-seat majority in the Senate- this race can change that. Republicans in Alabama have not proven worthy of a supermajority in anything- this race can change that. Not only can we seat a Democrat, but also we can send a clear message to Republicans across the state and across the nation that red states can turn blue, and our democracy will be returned.

In addition, MCDW will continue to support voter registration efforts, and to organize precincts and voters. We will do all that we can to get the vote out on August 15, September 26 and December 12. Over the next few weeks there will be multiple opportunities to get involved and to make a difference in this election. Every voice counts. Every vote counts. Let’s do this.