Stop Alabama’s War on Pregnant Women

By Sam Mitchell

Friends, please click below and sign this petition. It’s concerning our AL State Supreme Court’s repeated validation of a law that’s unreasonable and hitting state-wide women and their babies very hard.

“…The Alabama Supreme Court has seen the chemical endangerment statute as an opportunity to take another swipe at Roe v. Wade. Its 2013 and 2014 rulings said that the law could be used to prosecute women for using a controlled substance during the earliest stages of pregnancy, not just from the time when the fetus becomes viable.

Since 2006, Alabama courts have prosecuted 479 women under its chemical endangerment statute. That includes Casey Shehi who took one valium during a tough pregnancy to help her sleep. And Hanna Ballenger who was prescribed methadone by her doctor to manage chronic pain due to a head injury. Both of their sons were healthy, happy babies born to mothers who loved and nurtured them.
Alabama’s chemical endangerment statute has become less about protecting children from home meth labs, and more about attacking women. Please sign this petition to demand that the Alabama Legislature amend the statute so that it cannot be used to unfairly prosecute pregnant women and new mothers. ”

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