Voter Roll: What To Do If You’ve Been Made Inactive

By Sam Mitchell


Voting is a right, a privilege and a duty in a democratic society. It has never been more important to vote.

There are reports of active voters who have been removed from the voter records in Alabama. This information is coming out just days before a special election, and after the deadline for voter registration for that election. There is concern that people will not vote, or will be turned away at the polls. Here is what to do:

Check your voter registration NOW– at or call the Madison County Board of Elections at 256/532-3330. If you are listed as active, make a plan to vote on Tuesday, August 15.

If you are listed as “inactive” do the following things:

  1. Call the Madison County Board of Elections at 256/532-3330. Ask them how to resolve it and go to the polls on Tuesday.
  2. If you have voted, have not moved, and have not changed your name, you should be asked to complete a “update” form. You should receive a REGULAR ballot.
  3. If you encounter any issues at the polls that are not resolved after speaking with the Elections Inspector (there is one at each polling place), call 256/534-1776.
  4. If you are at an incorrect polling place, you will receive instructions to go to the correct polling place. You MAY complete a provisional ballot, but it will not be counted if it is not cast at the correct polling place. You can check your polling place at
  5. PLEASE inform us at if there are any issues. We would like to be able to follow up on issues that arise in Madison County.
  6. You may also call the Secretary of State’s office at 800-274-8683.

Elections matter. This election matters. Turnout is expected to be low, so that your vote can truly make the difference for a candidate. Please run this errand for democracy and please share this information among Democrats and left-leaning voters.

Every vote matters. Your vote matters. #specialelection #voteblue #turnmadisonblue